The Ranch: Land Link Investments Ltd.

Our first ten head of bison were imported from Idaho. Our business growth was rapid, only to be slowed down by the collapse of the bison market in the early 2000’s and drought of 2003.

We continued to believe there was something about this industry that was worth the effort. In 1999 we started the farmer’s markets, followed by our meat store a couple years later. This portion of our business continued to grow and allowed us the margins required to continue the ranch.

Our ranch consists of a cow calf, back grounding and finishing operation. We buy feeder bison and provide a custom finishing program for other ranches.

Personal Bio: Paul Kolesar

Born on a mix farm in central Alberta, my start to the bison industry was a two-day course called, “Introduction to the Bison Industry” held at local college in 1995. After spending all of my life wanting to be in the cattle business and raising horses, this was the turning point, to what I called a, “Hollywood Cowboy’s Job”. No late night calving, strong, hardy, healthy animals, with lots of benefits … including healthy food!

In 1999, I started as a director with the Alberta Bison Association, spent the following six years as a “Bison Industry Representative” on a Canadian Federal Government Committee. I continued to be an active member of both the Canadian Bison and National Bison Association’s. Currently hold the position of Canadian International Director to the National Bison Association. This year brings me to a total of 21 years in the bison business.

Personal Bio: Cindy Kolesar

Raised on a dairy farm and learning all the duties that comes with a dairy farm and country survival, I finished high school and took office work with a major telecommunication company in Alberta. I continued to work in office positions until 2000, when I came back to work with my parents and brother in the family meat processing business.

I met my husband Paul in 2001. I continue to take care of my two children, Paul, and all accounting and office administration for our business. I get called upon at bison processing time and acting as a sounding board when Paul has another idea … sometime wild ideas!!

My greatest pride is with our bison cow herd … good healthy mamas and babies!!

Rocky Mountain Natural Meats

We first heard about Rocky Mountain Natural Meats about ten years ago from other bison producers through out the industry. There was never a negative thing that we had heard about Rocky Mountain Natural Meats or Bob Dineen. I took the liberty of introducing myself to Bob in 2009 at a bison conference. As we were expanding our bison feeding business we needed another outlet for our finished bison.

We travelled to Denver for the winter conference and Bob Dineen suggested that while we were there we may want to see the new processing facility in Brush Co., we took the opportunity! We continued to learn as much about RMNM with phone calls and questions that probably just about drove Bob nuts.

Rocky Mountain Natural Meats (Bob Dineen) offered us everything we were looking for, so we booked our first load in the fall of 2013! To date, we have shipped 39 semi-trailer loads to Rocky Mountain Natural Meats … 2,000+ head of bison. A few loads were feeder bison, but mainly finished for slaughter.

What does Rocky Mountain Natural Meats mean to Cindy and I?

Rocky Mountain Natural Meats is not just one thing to us, they are GREAT BUSINESS PARTNERS!!

Professional, Friendly, Informative, Open, Honest, Competitive, and Supportive!

Paul & Cindy Kolesar

Land Link Investments Ltd

Alberta, Canada

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