The Great Range Bison Story

Great Range Premium Bison logoThe Great Range® Bison brand started in 1987, when our founder, Bob Dineen, had a vision to pursue his passion of sustaining the American bison population and share all of the great benefits of bison with others. What began as a simple “back of the truck” operation, turned into a lucrative business that focused on expanding bison into the market. The key difference between Great Range® Bison and other broad game meat companies was Bob’s focus on quality and consistency. This attention to detail gained the trust of customers then, and still is the guiding principle for the Great Range Premium Bison brand today. Since then, we have been the industry leader in providing quality, flavorful bison to our consumers.

From the Ranch to You

In today’s marketplace many products change hands multiple times before they reach the consumer, but not with our bison. We are proud of the fact that we offer bison direct from family owned ranches with few steps in between. All bison sold under our Great Range® brand is harvested from start to finish in our own facilities. We do not purchase bison meat from secondary suppliers, only from the source, the rancher. The short distance between the herd and the consumer helps guarantee the authenticity and honesty of Great Range® Bison products. From the source, the rancher; to us, and then to the consumer. Our goal is to provide a fresh, quality product every time.

Bison Ranchers

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