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Sustainability is very important to us. Our family-owned ranchers use different regenerative agriculture and holistic management practices to help preserve the earth’s water, soil and ecosystem. Some examples include:

Sustainability of Bison RanchingEliminating tilling or plowing of land

Bison can be viewed as a natural tilling system. The grazing, trampling and general movement helps to rebuild the soil naturally and promote carbon absorption from the atmosphere. It allows natural grass roots to grow deeper and creates a means for worms and insects to return to the soil. In addition, the rain water can absorb more easily into the soil, preventing top soil from washing away. This helps the grasses recuperate faster and grow back stronger for bison to graze on.

Moving bison around in the open pasture

Bison also move around from one open pasture to another, spending as much as two weeks on each. Between grazing periods the pasture is not disturbed for a few months. This keeps the bison from over grazing, and allows the land to naturally regenerate with time.

Our ranchers are true stewards of the land. We all take great pride in knowing that we are doing things “the right way”.

Take a look at this video on sustainable bison ranching >

Bison Ranching Sustainability

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