We Love BisonWe Love Bison

So why do we love bison?

Rocky Mountain Natural Meats LOVES BISON because we are passionate about playing a significant role in helping to maintain and grow the American bison population. Our story began with our founders just ranching and eating bison at early ages, as a way of life. After years of growing up with the animal, they developed an affinity for bison; and realized they could do even more to increase the bison population and share all of the great benefits of bison with others. Thus, Rocky Mountain Natural Meats was formed. Since then, we have been the industry leader in providing flavorful and quality bison to our consumers. We are also passionate about supporting our family ranchers who own about 90% of the bison in North America. We would not exist without them.

Our We Love Bison campaign is supported by three key principles. Preservation, Sustainability and Sharing.

Great Range Bison PreservationPreservation

North American bison have come a long way since 1890, when less than 1,000 bison existed. Thanks to the dedicated ranchers, conservationists and bison consumers that number has grown to nearly 500,000 to date, preserving bison as a link to our American heritage.

Beldon Bison RanchSustainability

We only use the most humane and sustainable practices with food safety and bison welfare in mind. Regenerative agriculture and holistic management practices help our ranchers preserve our planet’s water, soil and ecosystem, and be true stewards of the land. We take great pride in knowing that we are doing things “the right way”.

Great Range Bison SharingSharing

Sharing the story of bison is important to us because we want to help people eat right and live healthier lives. Most consumers are unaware that bison has more protein, omega fatty acids, iron and other nutrients than other traditional meats. That’s why we like to refer to bison as “THE PERFECT PROTEIN.” The economic viability of bison is largely dependent on demand from consumers like you, and by choosing to enjoy this natural, healthy and delicious food option, you can help us preserve and “share the love” for this great, iconic animal.

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