Black Kettle Buffalo

Black Kettle BuffaloBlack Kettle Buffalo began its journey 35 years ago in a small town in South Central Kansas. I was the owner operator of a small processing plant much like the owner of Rocky Mountain Natural Meats. I know the struggles a young small processor endures to build a business based on truth and fair dealings. That coupled with the tireless efforts not only to turn a fair profit, but Rocky Mountain Natural Meats foresight to ensure their providers turn a profit as well, may be the foundation why many producers choose to do business with Rocky Mountain Natural Meats. It certainly is mine. Their ethics and constant efforts to produce a product that any protein industry would be proud of are the cornerstones their business is based on. Voluntary E.coli testing and a product line requiring no anti-biotics ever, are some practices Rocky Mountain Natural Meats have forged and are just two examples of the industry leaders they are.

Bison meat is a niche market our producers are proud of. Providing a traceable product our consumers can count on to maintain the quality they have come to expect and enjoy are only part of the allure of raising bison. This magnificent animal teaches us every day we tend to it. Ranching bison reinforces conservation practices and brings full circle the values, vison, and benefits holistic practices provide.

My family, the help we employ and provide a means to start their own herds, and processors like Rocky Mountain Natural Meats are the members of my team. All of us working together to provide a product we stand behind

– Dick Gehring

Black Kettle Buffalo herd

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