Our Brand Refresh

We are so excited that we are finally able to share the news of our brand refresh with all of our amazing customers. Our incredible team worked very hard to update our look while staying true to our roots and our values. Great Range Premium Bison will still bring you the highest quality bison we have always been known for, and we hope our fresh new look will create a whole new generation of bison consumers.

Great Range Ground Bison

A Letter From Our Founder

Welcome to our new look! Our brand and our packaging have not changed much in the past 20 years and I am really excited about this evolution of Great Range Bison. We have always felt that our “look” should represent who we are – Wholesome, honest, natural, and delicious! And what represents that better than bison on pasture in the most beautiful place in the world – the high plains and mountains of the West! We have tried to improve that “look” without getting too far from what our consumers expect to see and I think this look accomplishes that really well. Same great product and a cleaner, fresher look – what’s not to like!

Thanks go out to all of our loyal customers – we can’t do what we are so passionate about without you!

Bob Dineen, Founder & President

Our Press Release

A Brand Refresh is Coming for Great Range Premium Bison

Henderson, Colorado, January 4, 2021 – Great Range Premium Bison, a brand owned by Rocky Mountain Natural Meats based in Henderson, Colorado, is excited to announce that later this month we will be embarking on a rebrand. While we remain committed to our customers and the high-quality bison we have always been known for, we are refreshing our retail brand, including our logo and product packaging, to reflect a clean, fresh look that clearly identifies the positive attributes of eating Bison.

Rocky Mountain COO Ace Ward says, “This initiative will position our brand for future growth. Each year Great Range Bison continues to show unprecedented growth and we feel that our new look will continue this trend.”

Great Range Premium Bison is currently available at finer retail grocers in all 50 states.

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