Bob Joins the Colorado Agricultural Hall of Fame

We are extremely honored to reveal that our founder and president, Bob Dineen, has been inducted into the Farm Credit Colorado Agricultural Hall of Fame!

Jenna Keller, Chairperson for the Colorado FFA Foundation said of the announcement, “We are excited to honor and recognize all three gentlemen this year. Their accomplishments are remarkable and have been impactful.”

Bob, who grew up around the livestock industry, has a Bachelor of Science degree in Agricultural and Animal Science and has been working with bison since 1983 when he began managing a ranch of about 250 head of bison in Boulder County. In 1986 he started Rocky Mountain Natural Meats with the goal to be the best in the business and with environmental and ecological sustainability in mind.

Bob says, “Environmental sustainability is very important to all of us on the planet but without economic sustainability, it is hard to make the rest of it work. In other words, when a rancher is profitable, he or she can operate at a higher level of environmental sustainability.” Our family-owned ranches use regenerative agriculture and holistic management practices to help preserve the earth’s water, soil and ecosystem.

Bison are part of a natural sustainable cycle. Bob explains, “People have been eating bison on this continent for thousands of years, and there is a good reason for that.” Since bison are not herded and are rather allowed to graze and roam as they please, they become part of a natural tilling system and actually help their environment. Their trampling helps to rebuild soil and promote carbon absorption from the atmosphere.

Bison is also very healthy and nutritious, “It’s a delicious source of natural, high quality protein,” Bob says. In fact, bison contains more protein, vitamin B-12, iron and omega 3/6’s and also less fat and cholesterol than other sources of protein. Bison is a natural protein raised without hormones or antibiotics and Bob remains committed to educating consumers and helping more people find the benefits of bison.

Bob has been active within the industry, championing ranchers and dedicating his time to ensuring that customers receive a consistently delicious, natural, and super-healthy protein for over 30 years. Of the honor, Bob had this to say, “I guess there are several things that come to mind – really surprised, very honored and a bit overwhelmed when you look at the list of previous honorees. I feel like I am in pretty darn good company, but not sure I measure up to the folks that have been previously inducted.”

We might be a little biased, but we could not think of a better man for the honor. Congratulations Bob!

To learn more and watch the induction ceremony, visit the Colorado FFA Foundation. LEARN MORE >

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