Bison Breakfast Bowls

Ever thought about Bison for breakfast? Bison Breakfast Bowls are a twist on steak and eggs, bison makes a perfect replacement for the traditional beef steak. Not only is bison leaner than beef, it’s lower in cholesterol, calories and sodium, making it the healthier way to start off your morning. Our friend, Felicia, over at the Starving Chef Blog created this tasty, nutritious bison breakfast bowl. Bison – the perfect way to start your day! Watch the video below for Felicia’s easy how-to, or for a printable recipe and step-by-step directions, visit The Starving Chef Blog.

If you’ve been following the [Starving Chef] blog, you’d know I’m slightly obsessed with bison. It’s sweet. It’s savory. It’s leaner than beef and therefore healthier too – I mean you seriously can’t go wrong with bison.”  – Felicia, The Starving Chef

Check out Felicia’s blog here!

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